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Meet the Owner

Hello everyone!!  My name is Vickie and I'm the founder and owner of Finding Faith. I started this business 2 years ago after the passing of my dad and gave it a name that would remind me of him.

Since then I recently started digging deeper into the word of God and wanted a closer relationship with him! I believe we were all created on purpose for a purpose. I believe our purpose is to bring others to the lord when they feel lost or stopped believing in him. I believe it’s our job to serve the lord and others. My goal is to help others to find faith in God when the storms get rough I pray that they can find faith through my apparel and other hand made items that you can wear or use to help you in your journey.

I lost my dad in 2020 and I didn’t think I would ever find my joy in life anymore until God blessed me with this business in 2021 and two precious gifts in 2022 my grandson’s. You see God restored what I lost in 2020 and replaced it with three gifts from heaven. 27 years ago he blessed me with a loving husband and five wonderful kids. Then came along an awesome son in law and two amazing daughter in law’s and a total of seven grandkids all together.

He has given me a talent to be able to use to give back to others by expressing my love for him through my shirts, tumblers and my subscription box for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. I started seeking the Lord in everything I do now and trusting him with my life. I'm so glad you are here and I hope I can help you find your faith and keep it.

xoxo, Vickie

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Welcome to Finding Faith

Where every Christian bleached tee is like a fingerprint. They all have their differences just like you and I. That's what makes them so unique and beautiful!

Empowering you to feel your most confident self while finding faith wearing our Christian apparel. Be you and own it! 

 Please note each item that is bleached may vary in color, pattern, and design, which makes each item unique and one of a kind.

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Refund & Shipping Policy

Policy, Procedure and Shipping

**my small business is ran by me and me alone.  ALL PRODUCTS (with a select few as the exception) are custom made and prayed over by me before being sent out to you. I also depend on other small businesses for inventory in order to fulfill orders. Right now my turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (with shipping after all items are made.)

Business days; this does not include weekends and holidays. All shipping is done through USPS.

Shipping times aren't the same as processing order time frame. Items like bleached shirts can take up to 2-3 weeks to process before shipping. Depending on if there is a stock shortage as well as the weather here in Kentucky. Do to high demand, therefore If you contact me please know I will reply within 24 hours. I love you guys and appreciate everyone's support. I want to thank you for your mercy and grace and patience during this season!***

REFUND POLICY: Effective January 2023, if you want to cancel your order before it ships, you will only receive a 50% refund due to stocking and admin fees. I am more than happy to replace your item if it becomes damaged in transit, but I will not fix items that are ordered and filled correctly, even if an item was ordered on accident.

xoxo Vickie 

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About Us

Finding Our Faith

Finding Faith is a Christian based online store that wants to connect with people through our items. Our goal is to help others find faith through a bleached tee that may have a scripture on it that spoke to their heart because they were going through some troubling times. We want to plant the seed that in order to get through the most difficult times in our lives we have to have faith. We have to trust in God that he is going to get us through whatever storm we are facing. 

I want to help bring one person at a time closer to the Lord through our items by finding faith and believing in the lord. I want to help a grieving person by sending them one of our subscription boxes to show them they aren’t alone in this we are right there with them in spirit and so is God! Finding my Faith is what got me here. 

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If for some reason you need to get in contact with me please fill out the contact form with a brief message and submit.

Thanks for submitting!

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